At united Refugee Services

We bridge language barrier, support communities, mentor youths and ensure general wellbeing.

At United Refugee Services

We bridge language barriers, empower humanity and promote general wellbeing.

Our programs

We operate under the guidance of the following programs

01. Language and Translation

.We translate communications between English Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Kinyamulenge and French 

02. Training

We train individuals on good habits and community participation.

03. Youth Empowerment

We provide chances for youths to showcase their talents and take part in sporting activities.

04. Giving back

We give back to the community by promoting sports and talents. We donate sportswear among other valuables.

Community Gatherings

We get along with people in communities, offer support, mentor and empower the society.

“Samuel Uwimana came from a humble beginnings in Congo, Rwanda and Kenya where he was a refugee. Samuel lost his father at an early age of 11, he didn’t have a father figure growing up. Life started grimy hard which caused him to drop out of school and ended in the streets selling goods in order to help his mother who had lost her husband. Despite hardships, He grew through those challenges with a wonderful sense of humor.
Today, Samuel lives in Amarillo, Texas where he he continues to lead and empower Refugee communities with compassion, humility, integrity and of course, humour.”

Samuel Uwimana

Founder & Executive Director