Engagement, Education and Empowerment

Youth Emporwerment

Community Participation

Giving to Charity

Driving Lessons

Driving education is crucial to integrating in the American communities. We help refugees to understand traffic laws, road safety and the art of driving motor vehicle which contributes to the safety of other drivers on the roads. Some refugees have been driving without full understanding of how the traffic laws work in America, with this program we are able to educate them before they can purchase their own cars.

We run our operations under a number of Programs aimed at empowering the community and bringing people together for a common purpose.

Language Translation

We bridge communiction among individuals who find it hard to communicate in English to elliminate language barrier problems.



We provide mentorship opportunities among youths and other individuals to help them reach their full potential. 

Talent Support

we support events aimed supporting individual talents such as sports, fashion contest among others.